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Guest Blog Posts

  • Great Pick Up Line: Crazy Over You features on the ‘Great Pick Up Line’, with a quote from the book.
  • Shaz’s Book Blog: Setting promotion in motion, aimed at those starting out on book promotion.
  • Rachel’s Random Reads: For the love of dogs! All about pets in romance novels and Benson, the inspiration behind Bramble in Crazy Over You.
  • Rachel’s Random Reads: Beyond Publication – tips and suggestions for writers I have learnt since the release of Crazy Over You.
  • Shaz’s Book Blog: Buying personal gifts for the ones you love.
  • Rachel’s Random Reads: The themes and inspiration behind Crazy Over You.

Author Interviews

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  • Cover Wars, Crazy Over You won the public vote for the best cover on Author Shout’s Cover Wars making it the book of the week.

Video links

  • You Tube: Talking about the themes and inspiration behind Crazy Over You (Chindi Authors’ One Big Launch November 2015).

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